Web Technologies

A web developer creates user interfaces for websites only using HTML. Using languages like PHP and ASP, a web designer may create websites as well as develop them. A webmaster may also assist with the upkeep and updating of an online application’s database.

Front end

The “customer end” of development is the primary focus of front end architecture. To provide a consistent user experience, front-end software engineers will be in charge of evaluating code, creating web, and troubleshooting those websites. You have control over what people see when they first open your browser. As a front end developer, you have complete control over the look, feel, and final design of the site.


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Back end development is the part of the development process that focuses on the site’s functionality. Maintenance and modification of the site, as well as monitoring of its functioning, will be your major responsibilities. A server, an web, and a database are all common components in this kind of web development. To transmit database data to a browser, back-end engineers write code. Everything behind the scenes, such as databases and servers, are the responsibilities of a back end developer. Programmers and web developers are other terms for back end developers.


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